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Focusing is a practice of deep listening and a specific way of connecting to our embodied knowing. It can be applied to many different contexts such as spirituality, peace-making, deep thinking, work, creativity, and more.

Focusing Pathways offers three areas of intersection between Focusing and other processes/practices:

Movement Writing and Thinking at the Edge Trauma

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Focusing is a process that recognizes our embodied nature and the impossibility of dividing ourselves into separate components, as so many concepts and social practices suggest.  Rather we believe that by embracing our bodies and supporting the way we move, we are also more fully embracing who we are and can be. 

I offer two learning opportunities for integrating Focusing and movement:

a. The Focusing and Movement workshop: Coming to our Senses

b. Facilitating somatic movement professionals in the integration of Focusing with their somatic movement practice as Trainers-in-Training in my program. For more information, Contact us.

                   Offered by request

In this workshop we will make room for ways of moving that are underused or even unknown to us. In our everyday lives we tend to move oriented by practical goals, using mostly our muscular and skeletal structures. What happens instead when we use movement to connect to our embodied nature, coming into contact with the deep wondrous processes of our bodies? What happens when we move as a way of sensing into the living system that we are?

Our emphasis will be on deeply regenerative ways of moving that connect us to our embodied memory and thus to a history larger than human. Meeting our bodies this way will support us in moving outside socially defined “proper” modes and open the range of our resourcing to the wider nature of which we are a part. This way of moving will also be our entry point into Focusing, which will helps us make sense of what we are experiencing and relate it back to the context of our lives, bringing the whole of our being to creatively inform the challenges we face.

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I offer the following as tutorials, and as workshops upon request:

Corporgraphy (writing from, for, and with the body). Especially designed for body-workers, dancers, movement therapists, martial artists, and other body-centered practitioners who want to write about their practices. We use Focusing and writing as ways of connecting and identifying the core principles of your practice, to better communicate your work to clients and colleagues, or to question the creative and professional habits inscribed in your body-process for further research and development. Prerequisite: Focusing Level 1 with any Focusing Professional.

Writer’s block: for new and seasoned writers alike. We address the powerful inner critics and emotional holding patterns that keep us from writing, as well as learn a Focusing approach to writing that is sure to re-awaken your creative and analytical thinking, poetic expression, and motivation. I especially welcome dissertation writers in the humanities and social sciences. Prerequisite: Focusing Level 1 with any Focusing Professional.

Thinking at the Edge: Putting into words what you care to communicate that has been hard to say. For more information, click here.

Structure and cost:

We work in individual sessions that usually last 50 minutes to one hour.

Sessions cost $70 per hour if booked singly, or $60 per hour for a commitment to three sessions or more. Contact us.

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Please see one-to-one sessions.


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Ongoing Tutorials

Special Events

Third International Conference of Focusing Oriented Therapies, 2014

May 15 - 18 2014

Stony Point, NY



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