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The Focusing Institute 
The Focusing institute was founded in 1986 By Eugene Gendlin and it provides a wealth of information on Focusing and its many applications in different professional fields. On the site you will also find a listing of trainings offered in New York, international Focusing events, and a world-wide listing of Focusing Professionals. 

By becoming a member of the Focusing Institute you will receive:
a newsletter (three times a year), access to an online data base for requesting Focusing partners, and a printed listing of Focusing Professionals internationally.

Focusing International 
Focusing International is a non-profit organization dedicated to bring Focusing to organizations and communities and apply Focusing to foster community wellness. It will inspire your heartful commitment to the world and provides practical tools and information and how to make a difference.

Focusing Resources

Focusing Resources was founded in 1985 by Ann Weiser Cornell and offers advanced and beginning Focusing training and workshops, both in the Bay Area (California) as well as internationally. The site contains a wealth of articles and information. On the site you will also be able to subscribe to The Focusing Connection Newsletter, a wonderfully practical and inspiring publication coming out six times of the year (you can choose to receive it electronically or by mail). It is easy to read and fully engaging.

Center for Focusing Oriented Therapy
Focusing practitioners and therapists specialized in the treatment of trauma using the approach developed by Shirley Turcotte. It has many articles and a useful FAQ section.

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If You Are New To Focusing:
Three Key Aspects of Focusing (1998) by Ann Weiser Cornell 

Radical Gentleness: The Transformation of the Inner Critic (2005) by Ann Weiser Cornell

Imagery is More Powerful with Focusing: Theory and Practice (1980) by Eugene Gendlin


For Therapists:
Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy (1974) by Eugene Gendlin

The Client’s Client: The Edge of Awareness (1984) by Eugene Gendlin

Fragile Process by Margaret Warner

Research Review (2001) by Marion N. Hendricks


For Body-Workers, Movement and Somatic Therapists, and Other Body-Centered Professionals:
Report on Focusing in the Body-Centered Professions:
Meeting at the Edge in Ischia May 14-17, 2007

A Repertory of Felt Shifts (2006) by Francesca Castaldi

Into the Fear-Factory: Treating Children of Trauma with Body-Maps (2007) by Bart Santen


For Social Activists and Peace-Makers:
A Community Based Approach To Focusing: The Islam and Focusing Project of Afghanistan (2007) by Pat Omidian and Nina Joy Lawrence

Focusing in El Salvador (2007) by Beatrice Blake

Focusing, Creativity, and Person-Centered Democracy in Group Settings (2007) by Francesca Castaldi


On the Philosophy of the Implicit:
The Responsive Order: A New Empiricism (1997) by Eugene Gendlin


On Thinking At the Edge:
Introduction to Thinking At the Edge (2004) by Eugene Gendlin

Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning: Preface to the Paper Edition (1997) by Eugene Gendlin

A Philosophical Car for Focusers, 1999 Model (1999) by Eugene Gendlin

The Primacy of the Body, Not the Primacy of Perception: How the Body Knows the Situation and Philosophy (1992) by Eugene Gendlin


And More:
Thanks to the efforts of The Focusing Institute we now have the Gendlin Online Library containing 137 documents, including Gendlin’s life work A Process Model

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If You Are New To Focusing:

(2007 edition) by Eugene Gendlin

Book Cover


The Radical Acceptance of Everything
(2005) by Ann Weiser Cornell

Book Cover


I know I am in There Somewhere
(2003) by Helene Brenner



For Therapists:

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy
(1996) by Eugene Gendlin

Book Cover

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Innovative Theory and Practice
(2014) Greg Madison editor

Person-Centered Therapy: The Focusing-Oriented Approach
(2004) by Campbell Purton

Book Cover


Focusing with Children
(2008 English translation) by Marta Stapert and Erik Verliefde

Book Cover


Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy
(2008) by Laury Rappaport

Book Cover



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Third International Conference of Focusing Oriented Therapies, 2014

May 15 - 18 2014

Stony Point, NY



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