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Focusing and You


1. If you are committed to self-growth and willing to take responsibility for your personal journey toward discovery, recovery, and health, then Focusing will support you in that journey. 

2. If you are a care giver, or working in the helping professions—i.e. as a therapist, nurse, body-worker, social worker, or caring for the elderly, the young, or the sick—Focusing offers a practical method for taking care of yourself while attending to the needs of others.  It also offers you a way of working with clients that can be integrated within different therapeutic modalities and contexts of interaction.

3. If you are a social activist who believes that we need not only new institutions and regulations, but also new ways of relating to ourselves and to others, then Focusing will inspire you to find the deepest coherency between your vision and your way of being in the world.  Focusing will protect you from burn-out by helping you find ways of being socially responsible while also attending to your emotional and physical needs.  Focusing is consistent with the principles of self-determination, anti-authoritarianism, person-centered as well as community-centered democracy, respectful pluralism, low impact technologies, and sustainability.

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Third International Conference of Focusing Oriented Therapies, 2014

May 15 - 18 2014

Stony Point, NY



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