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Getting Started

The goal of Focusing training is to enable you to learn Focusing so that you can practice on your own within a supportive network and community of Focusers.  Before you commit to a full workshop or tutorial, I would like you to experience an individual Focusing session, to get a feel for the practice and its value to YOU.



The goal of the introductory session is for you to have an initial experience of the Focusing process, as well as for us to discuss your expectations and needs and any questions you might have.

Because learning in Focusing is experientially based, this first session is also a one-to-one learning experience that functions as pre-requisite to the Introductory Focusing workshop (see below).

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After you have taken your first session, the next step is to enroll in an Introductory Focusing workshop, also called Focusing Level 1 because it is the first in a series of four workshops, each designed to help you progress from beginning to advanced Focusing.

Focusing Level 1: Encountering the Inner Relationship

Level 1 is designed to teach you basic Focusing skills so that you will be able to continue practicing Focusing after you leave the workshop with the support of a peer Focusing partner. 

We start by learning to turn inward with a gentle curiosity toward what we find inside ourselves: emotions, thoughts, memories, images, and physical sensations.  In Focusing we learn how to center our inner process on what we call a felt-sense, and how a felt-sense is different from an emotion, a thought, or a physical sensation, and yet it can arise from any of them.  We also learn basic partnership skills for exchanging Focusing sessions with peers.
Prerequisite: an introductory Focusing session with me or with any Inner Relationship Focusing Trainer.

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Taking the Introductory workshop will allow you to begin practicing Focusing in a peer relationship, so as to benefit from Focusing outside of the workshop structure.  As you practice, you may find that you would like more skills to fully accompany your inner process to the depth and complexity that it calls for.  We have designed the Focusing Training Series to do just that.

If you are a professional who would like to become certified to teach Focusing, you would also continue with the Focusing Training Series.

If you are working on a specific issue and would like to benefit from an experienced guide before you commit to learn more Focusing, you can also schedule more One to One Sessions with me.  

You may also be interested in using Focusing and Movement together to explore your inner process, or you may like to use Focusing to explore your writing or your work projects.

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Third International Conference of Focusing Oriented Therapies, 2014

May 15 - 18 2014

Stony Point, NY



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