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Focusing Training for One's Life

Focusing For One’s Life is presently offered as an individual tutorial by teleconference.

The goal of this training is to support you in establishing a solid experiential base in the gentle and self-directed process of Focusing, enabling you to practice in egalitarian partnerships.

By attending the program you will begin to:

• Bring calm where there was anxiety, worry, and frustration

• Transform confusion or inner conflict into clarity and inner peace

Find confidence in expressing your vitality, ideas, wants and needs without fearing self-sabotage and moving beyond blockages

Built tolerance for strong emotions and difficulties

• Enjoy challenges rather than being scared or overwhelmed by them

• Move from angry and debilitating activism or hopeless fear to balanced social caring

• Un-veil layers of self-defeating attitudes and unhealthy cultural habits to move toward a more authentic self

• And more


We live in a moment of profound crisis: instability is cursing through so many aspects of our lives, from our climate to our economies, to the values that govern our social engagements in the family, at work, in our friendships, and love life.

In times like this what guides our actions and interactions? How can we face the challenges ahead not as a threat but as an opportunity?

The experiential method of Focusing helps to enter the intricacy of our bodily sensing and to orient to this way of sensing as a source of wisdom, vitality, and safety.

Focusing is a practice that opens the communication between verbal expression and significant corporeal sensing. Slowing down the communication between physiological and cognitive processes, Focusing helps check our thoughts and explicit values with our implicit emotions, memories, and life force, thus helping us find coherence in our being and follow our genuine impulses, remaining faithful to our deepest needs and desires.

Focusing helps us enter in those areas of experiencing that often remain outside of our daily awareness and everyday conversations while informing our way of being in the world and orienting toward the future. By entering these areas at the edge of our awareness we can more precisely harness our creativity and implicit wisdom to better negotiate both the ordinary and extraordinary predicaments of our lives. Read More


Focusing For One’s Life is offered as an individual tutorial by teleconference.

It consists of 4 modules structured in 4 sessions of 1 ½ hour each, and a minimum of 5 individual sessions with the instructor during the course of the training as integration and deepening of your Focusing process.

If at the end of your individual training you would like to qualify to receive the Focusing Institute certification of Proficiency as Focusing Partners four additional sessions specifically geared to support your partnership will be offered and required, and you will also need have engage in at least 10 sessions of equal Focusing partnership with a peer.

To learn if this training is for you could start with an Individual Focusing Session.



We start by learning to turn inward with a gentle curiosity toward what we find inside ourselves: emotions, thoughts, memories, images, and physical sensations. In Focusing we learn how to center our inner process on what we call a felt-sense, and how a felt-sense is different from an emotion, a thought, or a physical sensation, and yet it can arise from any of them. We also learn basic partnership skills for exchanging Focusing sessions with peers. Prerequisite: an introductory Focusing session with Francesca or equivalent.


In this workshop we pay particular attention to building a safe somatic container to our inner sensing and we explore different ways of starting our Focusing sessions. We continue to nurture the communication between body sensing and language and experience how doing so supports our life force and sense of being alive.
Prerequisite: module 1 or equivalent.


This workshop is centered in understanding the relationship of the felt-sensing process to implicit memory. We learn to recognize and welcome the organic linking of time-spaces that our body provides and recognize when memories from the past come to seek healing and/or when they come to inform our learning in the present.
Prerequisite: module 2 or equivalent.


In this workshop we support our capacity to open the positive life energy that is blocked in exhausting or harsh internal criticism, or demoralizing internal struggle and sabotage. We continue to build our comfort and abilities in the role of Focuser and Companion so as to let go of rules and make Focusing our own.
Prerequisite: module 3 or equivalent.


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Third International Conference of Focusing Oriented Therapies, 2014

May 15 - 18 2014

Stony Point, NY



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