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Focusing Training For Therapists

This training is designed for therapists (including massage and somatic therapists), psychologists and counselors who are seeking to better incorporate the role of corporeal processing in therapy.

The training will support you in:

Opening a process of communication between language and body-sensing, learning to process non-verbal communication and use it as a resource.

• Learning to connect to implicit memory, implicit beliefs and attitudes to reconstitute and recuperate aspects of identity that have been caught in the past, so as to better align toward the challenges of the present.

• Learning to embrace both the somatic and cognitive aspects of affect states and promote vitality and relational connectedness.

Understanding the language of body symptoms and harness the life forward energy trapped in them.

• Using the discerning of the body to guide us toward the resolution of symptoms and problems rather than impose solutions that do not “stick”.

• Being able to recognize the markers of trauma in a session and maintain the process within the window of tolerance of each client for safe processing and re-negotiation.

Creating coherence between implicit impulses and patterns and explicit meanings, beliefs, and behavior.

• Exploring the multiple ways in which a rooting into body-process naturally opens up toward culturally specific spirituality and culturally appropriate thinking and understanding of both distress and wellness.

NOTE: the program will be offered in person only in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Courses will start in 2015. Contact us if you would like more information. If you are a therapist in the USA or Italy and would like to get started with Focusing Training For One's Life which is offered via teleconference and is the equivalent to the experiential phase of this training (see below). We can also help directing you to other training programs.


The curriculum presents is divided in two phases:

1. An experiential phase (A) during the first year, in which participants learn Focusing in the first person and share it in partnerships of equals.

2. A phase of professional integration (B) for facilitating the Focusing process in others and applying it the therapeutic context (following Phase A).

Focusing Curriculum year 1: Experiential Phase (A)

Focusing is a process that is person–centered, honoring the experience of each individual in both his/her uniqueness and in what we all share as human beings. Our curriculum too then starts with learning Focusing ourselves and applying it to our living. We believe that the internal experiencing of the Focusing process is a necessary prerequisite to be able to facilitate the process in others. Emphasis in this phase of curriculum is placed on building an experiential understanding of the Focusing principles and philosophy through the practice of Focusing partnerships with other participants, in relationships of equal exchange.

This phase of the program will be open to people from different walks of lives who are interested in the program (see link) as we have found that including people form all walks of life in the training generates creativity and support the respect for diversity in and out of Focusing.

STRUCTURE of phase A:

This phase of the program consists of four modules (workshops) of ten hours each, and five one-to-one Focusing sessions with the workshop facilitator, for a total of 45 hours of training. Furthermore participants are asked to engage in at least ten hours of Focusing exchange sessions, eight of which are to be completed before the last module, in order to be able to proceed to the last workshop in this series.

The modules are spaced so as to allow practice and integration between each and so that phase A can be completed in about one year. At the end of this training participants are entitled to receive the Proficiency as Focusing Partners award from the Focusing Institute of New York, for a fee (more information will be provided about the partnership program).


Focusing Curriculum year 2: Phase of professional integration and ability of facilitating the process in others (B)

This phase of the curriculum is geared to support participants in integrating the Focusing in your already existing therapeutic or healing practices.

Special attention will be given to the use of Focusing in the therapeutic relationship to guide our interaction with clients, and developing our skills in working from the felt sense to promote therapeutic interventions that are both client-centered and therapists driven. As part of working with implicit memory and affect states we will learn to recognize the markers of trauma, including intergenerational and vicarious trauma. We will develop our understanding of the Focusing process to be able to guide our clients from regressed states and flashbacks into the present and daily living.

The program is also designed to support the integration of Focusing with principles of Aboriginal psychotherapy (as developed by Shirley Turcotte).
This will include recognizing when implicit memory needs to be addressed in the context of intergenerational trauma and supported by a decolonization of historical memory, building with clients culturally appropriate interpretations of trauma and healing, and leading to the recovery of identity both individual and collective with dignity and respect.

We will also explore the importance of land-based spirituality in healing, recognizing the often primary role of animals, trees, water and land in nurturing, parenting, keeping us alive through rough times, and in redressing and unloading trauma symptoms and memories.

STRUCTURE of phase B:

The second year curriculum consists of an ongoing monthly meetings, 6 weekend workshop and a minimum of 28 individual sessions with the instructor, for a total of a 100 hours of instruction, plus the completion of additional requirements (see full program below).

Completion of this program will lead to certification by the Focusing Institute of New York as a Focusing Oriented Therapist (if you are already a therapist) or as a Focusing Oriented Professional (if you are not a therapist).

Prerequisites: completion of Program A and approval of instructor to join Program B

TO LEARN MORE: the program will be offered in person in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Courses will start in 2015. Contact us if you would like more information.


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Third International Conference of Focusing Oriented Therapies, 2014

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